Truck Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, it is important that you hire an attorney who has experience handling this type of case and is familiar with the state and federal trucking regulations that govern these vehicles. Howard Law will investigate your claim, identify the proper defendants, and line up all necessary experts, which may include medical experts, an economist, industry experts, and accident reconstruction experts. This type of preparation will put you in the best position to maximize your settlement or recovery at trial.

The Sooner Evidence is Collected, Preserved, and Examined, the Better

Physical evidence at the accident scene such as skid marks, yaw marks, and scuffs can begin to disappear within hours after a truck accident. Weather and traffic passing along the same stretch of the road will erode evidence. Although there are certain documents relevant to a truck accident that must to be kept for a specific time period under applicable Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR), once that time period has expired, the trucking company can dispose of them. The sooner you retain a truck accident attorney, the sooner key evidence can be collected, preserved, and examined.

Howard Law will work with experienced accident reconstruction experts to determine the cause of the accident and identify the parties at fault. Persons at fault for the accident may include the truck driver, the trucking company, the owner of the trailer, or even the manufacturer of a defective product such as the truck’s tires or brakes.

Free consultations and contingent fee structures

Call 919-446-5193 to schedule a free initial consultation. Howard Law handles truck accident cases  on a contingent fee structure. This means that you will not pay for Howard Law's legal services unless you recover a verdict or settlement.